How to Play


Unity Bank Plc presents ‘One Minute Genius’ (OMG), a Unity Kids competition and game show being hosted to celebrate our children, the future of our beautiful world. The One Minute Genius game show is a participatory learning and reward contest aimed at motivating students towards subject mastery using a branch of reinforcement model.

Every year, Unity Bank joins the rest of the world to mark Children’s Day. One Minute Genius is an initiative that underscores our belief in children, connect with their aspirations and also reinforces the importance of education as a vehicle to empower and emancipate the child to succeed beyond their wildest dreams.

Every Child and student between the ages of 6 – 17 years is welcome to participate in the game. The idea is to stimulate participants’ intelligent quotient and unleash the genius in the children. The game will be played as a blend of quizzes containing spelling Bee, general Knowledge and Arithmetic questions. The children that answer the questions correctly within the one minute stipulated timeframe will be rewarded with cash prizes.


To participate, every child is expected to follow and complete the steps below:

Sign Up (Step 1)
  • -     Participant should fill an online form with basic information: (Name, Age, Class, Name of Parent/Guardian email address)

Login (Step 2)
  • -     Receive login credentials upon successful submission

Choose Age (Step 3)
  • -    Select subject category of interest
  • -    Click on practice test question (optional).
  • -    Select age between e.g 6-17

Result (Step 4)
  • -     Get a result of the game played instantly

Certificate (Step 5)
  • -     Receive a thank you e-note